Tax-writers Baucus, Camp visit N.J. retailer on Simpler Taxes for America Tour

Dave Camp

Dave Camp

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.) and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) visited a New Jersey retailer on Monday as part of their “Simpler Taxes for America Tour.”

The goal of the tour is to promote comprehensive tax reform among the American public and to develop methods for creating new jobs and increasing wages. The visit to New Jersey-based Mrs. G TV, Appliances and Sleep Center was the second on the tour.

“Local stores like mine don’t have the resources to have an accountant on staff or pay for one every time we have a business decision to make,” Mrs. G owner Debbie Schaeffer said. “We want a simpler tax code that’s easy to understand, treats everyone the same, lowers rates and lets us focus on running our businesses.”

The tour began earlier this month in Minnesota, where Baucus and Camp reached out to the employees and executives of two St. Paul-based companies to discuss tax code reform.

“Over the past two years we’ve heard from hundreds of experts on how to fix the tax code to make it simpler for families and spark a more thriving economy, but now it’s time to get beyond the ‘Beltway’ and hear directly from job creators, families and individuals,”  Camp and Baucus said in a joint statement.  “The status quo, which is today’s tax code, isn’t working.  It is too complex and every dollar spent and hour consumed figuring out how to comply is time and money they can’t reinvest back into their business and their workers.  We’re hitting the road so that we can hear from job creators and families alike about how we can move past the status quo and make the system fairer and easier to deal with for all Americans.”

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