Signature Card Services partners with Tranzlogic to offer transaction data tool

signatureSignature Card Services recently partnered with Tranzlogic to provide all of its merchant clients with proprietary data related to all aspects of the merchant’s business.

Tranzlogic tracks merchants’ transaction data to reveal the key characteristics of the merchant’s prime customers, including economic, demographic, geographic and psychographic details, which is then made available to the merchants through a secure online portal.

Merchants can develop and implement marketing campaigns aimed at finding and maintaining relationships with their best customers.

“Signature Card Services was thrilled to become Tranzlogic’s beta partner, allowing our merchants to be one of the first to harness the power of credit card transaction data to help them identify, find and keep the right customers,” Signature CEO Cliff Teston said. “We have already received overwhelming response from our merchants about the value that this technology brings. The partnership is just one more way we are working to help our merchants leverage the most growth opportunities available for their businesses.”

The new services will be available to all Signature merchant clients free of charge. The company hopes to empower its clients to monetize the results of their customer relationships.

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