Shared Resources CU hosts financial education fair

Financial EducationShared Resources Credit Union, based in Pasadena, Texas, recently held a CU 4 Reality Financial Education Fair for students at the local high school, providing them with guidance and information on budgeting, saving and investing.

Participating students were given budget sheets and a starting salary and were guided through a simulation of living within their budgets. The students had to balance their budgets to include paying for basics, as well as non-necessities like travel and entertainment.

Additionally, students sat down with financial counselors to review their financial decisions and discuss their choices.

“The reality fair, which is similar to the game of Life, has been a success for Shared Resources CU,” Stephanie Salazar, the CEO of the credit union, which was given Cornerstone Credit Union League’s Juntos Avanzamos designation last May, said. “Our vision is ‘being the best at making life changes’ and by hosting the…fair, we helped these students prepare for future life events.”

Shared Resources is a Cornerstone REAL Solutions credit union–the regional credit union league helps its members set up financial education fairs at no cost to the credit union. The program is supported by Cornerstone, the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, Friends of Consumer Freedom and National Credit Union Foundation.

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