Shapiro wants small businesses to have access to country’s investment capital

Mary SchapiroOne of the most pressing issues facing small businesses is raising their capital so that they are able to expand and grow, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro recently said.

Speaking at the 2011 SEC Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation, Schapiro said giving small businesses access to the country’s investment capital must be balanced with its obligation to protect investors and markets, reports.

Schapiro said she recognized that new economic realities must force them to reexamine the regulatory structure so that it might “better facilitate small business capital formation.”

“Over the years, the SEC has taken a number of steps to reduce burdens smaller enterprises face in raising capital: relaxing restrictions on public communications and simplifying disclosure and reporting requirements, for example,” Schapiro said. “But, given the speed with which the financial environment evolves, it is important that we respond when new issues are raised, and that the SEC be willing to re-examine existing regulation in light of changing circumstances.”

In order to meet these goals, Schapiro said she has instructed her staff to take a “fresh look” at their current regulations and encouraged them to develop ideas that would protect investors while reducing undue regulatory constraints on small businesses capital formation.

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