September report: Regulators missed 145 of 237 Dodd-Frank deadlines

The September Dodd-Frank Progress Report released by Davis Polk & Wardwell revealed that federal regulators have missed 145 of 237 statutory deadlines mandated by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act.

As of Sept. 4, 59.5 percent of Dodd-Frank’s 398 total rule-making deadlines have passed, and 84.6 percent of the 280 rulem-aking requirements with specific deadlines have passed.

Of the 237 passed deadlines, 61.2 percent have been missed and 38.8 percent of the deadlines have been met with finalized rules. Regulators have yet to propose rules for 31 of the 145 missed rules.

Of Dodd-Frank’s total 398 rule-making requirements, only 32.9 percent have been met with finalized rules, while rule proposals have been issued for 33.9 percent. Rules have not yet been proposed to meet 33.2 percent of the requirements.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has been most successful in finalizing rules assigned to the agency by Dodd-Frank, with 43 of 60 rules finalized. The Securities and Exchange Commission, however, has lagged behind in its finalization of rules, as only 30 of the agency’s 95 assigned rules have been finalized.

More than 50 percent of derivatives mandates have been met with final rules, while mandates covering banking regulations and asset-backed securities offerings have missed deadlines with rules yet to be proposed.

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