Sen. Brown supports Obama’s nomination of Froman as U.S. Trade Representative

Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) recently expressed support for President Obama’s nomination of Mike Froman to replace Ron Kirk as U.S. Trade Representative.

“I look forward to meeting with U.S. Trade Representative nominee Mike Froman and hearing his views on enforcing trade laws to ensure Ohio workers and businesses compete on a more level playing field, and how the Administration will work to narrow our goods trade deficit with China,” Brown said. “With an ambitious trade agenda that offers opportunities to American workers and businesses, it’s important to understand how nominee Froman will work with Congress and its often divergent views on trade policy.”

Froman is currently the assistant to the U.S. president and deputy national security advisor for international economic affairs. Before joining the public sector, Froman worked as managing director of Citigroup.

“He has won the respect of our trading partners around the world,” Obama said. “He has also won a reputation as being an extraordinarily tough negotiator while doing it. He does not rest until he’s delivered the best possible deal for American businesses and American workers. He’s fought to make sure that countries that break the rules are held accountable.”

Later this month, Brown will re-introduce the Currency Exchange and Oversight Reform Act, which is designed to address China’s currency manipulation by using U.S. trade laws to counter the harmful impact of currency misalignment on American manufacturers.

Brown also urged the Obama administration to prioritize American interests in negotiations with Japan over the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade agreement between the U.S., Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada and Mexico.

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