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SecureNet launches Mobile PayOS for iOS devices

SecureNet Payment SystemsSecureNet Payment Systems launched last Wednesday its Mobile PayOS solution, which allows merchants to quickly and securely accept mobile payments through an iOS device.

The mobile solution includes a free mobile app and fully encrypted card reader available for iOS devices. The company plans to launch a solution for Android devices in the near future.

Additionally, the solution offers 24/7 live, U.S.-based support and cloud back-up, as well as customizable inventory, tax, sales reporting and staff management settings. Merchants can manage, sync and share inventory and business settings across numerous Mobile PayOS devices.

SecureNet merchants can accept point-of-sale, online and mobile payments. The app helps speed along the checkout process with smart inventory sorting, one-tap sales ticket creation, customized tipping amounts and instant email receipts.

“As new sales channels emerge, customers have unlimited options to choose when and where they want to shop,” SecureNet CEO Brent Warrington said. “By presenting new sales opportunities and speeding up cash flow, Mobile PayOS enables merchants of all sizes to manage and grow their business on-the-go. Whether point-of-sale, eCommerce or mobile, merchants must evolve and expand their business to meet customers where they are shopping. As the Card-Not-Present and Card Present worlds converge and force businesses to move toward an omni-channel business model, SecureNet will continue to develop innovative payment technology solutions that help merchants grow their business.”