SD Association adds SWP to facilitate microSD memory card security

sd associationSD Association has added Single Wire Protocol to support NFC features and assist in the introduction of new business models that will provide a secure element to the microSD memory card—the smartSD memory card.

The smartSD card can shift control of consumers’ service applications from provider to consumers, as well as provide authentication services. The cards will be manufactured by SD Association members in SD, SDHC and SDXC capacities.

Cards can be purchased by or issued to consumers from any service provider. Service providers will be able to differentiate their offerings, addressing mobile customers, device manufacturers and proprietary application stores.

“Completing the enhancement to smartSD marks the achievement of a strategy announced in 2011 to find new markets that would benefit from SD standards,” Brian Kumagai, the president of the SD Association, said. “Adding smart-chip technology to microSD memory cards gives SD equipped smart phones and phablets new consumer conveniences whether they’re connected to the Internet or not. We know consumers want more flexibility to expand their storage needs, and a simple way to participate in a variety of value-added services offered by a variety of companies and institutions today.”

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