Scammers offer to update, revise DUNS numbers at non-profit groups for fee

Catherine Cortez Masto

The Nevada attorney general’s office has issued a warning to non-profit groups to beware of individuals or organizations offering to update their Data Universal Numbering System report for a fee.

“Nonprofits have enough to worry about,” Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto said. “They should not pay money for a service that is free. I caution non-profit leaders not to fall victim to these scams.”

Several Nevada groups have received phone calls from an individual offering to update the groups’ DUNS reports for a $549 fee.

DUNS numbers, the standard federal e-commerce identifiers adopted in 1994, are required of all groups receiving federal money and must be updated on an annual basis. There is no charge to update, register or revise a DUNS number.

Nevada nonprofit and cooperation groups that suspect that they have become victims of the scam are encouraged to write a complaint to the Nevada attorney general’s office.

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