Rutherford appointed as Treasury’s financial markets assistant secretary

Timothy Geithner

The U.S. Senate confirmed Matthew Rutherford on Friday to serve as the Treasury’s assistant secretary for financial markets, where he will advise Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on matters of financial policy.

Rutherford will be responsible for management of the public debt, as well as advising Geithner on federal lending policy, domestic finance and financial markets.

Since 2009, Rutherford has worked as the Treasury’s deputy assistant secretary for federal finance, where he was responsible for advising Geithner on Treasury financing, federal regulation of financial markets, regulatory issues in the futures, and government securities markets and public debt management.

Geithner expressed confidence in Rutherford’s ability to serve in his new role as assistant secretary for financial markets.

“Matt’s hard work and extensive understanding of financial markets has made him a vital and valuable advisor to me,” Geithner said. “His substantial experience and skill will continue to make him a strong asset to the president and to me in his expanded role. I am pleased the Senate voted to confirm this important nominee.”

Before joining the Office of Financial Markets, Rutherford acquired substantial experience in finance. While on assignment from the New York Federal Reserve, he helped to establish the Treasury’s Markets Room. Additionally, he served as debt management advisor to the Treasury, analyst in the Cross Market Monitoring Staff and analyst in the Treasury Market Policy Staff.

Rutherford holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Lafayette College and a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Chicago.

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