News aims to help consumers get out of debt

cropped-Logo-PSDThe recently launched, which features articles related to debt management, credit counseling and bankruptcy, may help consumers get out of debt by providing them with debt relief resources.

“Many people in today’s society get in trouble with debt,” a company spokesperson said. “There were many years before the recession where credit was extremely easy to come by. People took out numerous credit cards and loans, thinking the lean times would never come. But now they have. Interest rates are climbing and lenders are becoming impatient and more demanding. Our site provides a huge amount of help for people who have gotten in trouble with debt.

“There is a vast quantity of information on there, covering almost every conceivable debt situation. We are determined to take the stress out of our visitors’ debt situation by giving them solid resources than enable them to start controlling their finances once more.”

The site features a debt relief-related blog full of editorial content, as well as an extensive debt relief directory with contact details for a number of debt management firms across the U.S.

Additionally, the site features a credit card debt calculator that tells site visitors how long it would take to pay off their credit cards, factoring in their current monthly payments and interest rates.

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