Pitney Bowes launches white paper to help keep credit card companies current in market

Pitney BowesPitney Bowes recently launched a new white paper aimed at helping credit card brands innovate and keep up with technological developments in the industry.

Digital wallets have become increasingly popular and have led to numerous industry developments. Credit card companies seek to develop their brands and deliver services using emerging technologies.

The new report, “Fortifying Brands in a Cardless Society,” provides credit card companies with information and data on digital commerce, as well as mobile and location intelligence solutions.

“This is a seismic shift in the payments industry,” Berk Charlton, the global software portfolio director at Pitney Bowes, said. “Brands that establish an early presence with applications that touch a large number of consumers will have a significant competitive advantage in digital commerce over the next decade.”

Pitney Bowes provides technology solutions for firms of all sizes that help companies attract customers, build loyalty and boost revenue.

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