Payments Alliance International becomes global sponsor of ATMIA

John J. Leehy

John J. Leehy

Payment Alliance International said on Tuesday it is the newest sponsor of the ATM Industry Association, an independent non-profit trade association for the ATM industry.

“ATMIA plays a vital role, and PAI is proud to serve as a global sponsor,” John J. Leehy, the president and CEO of PAI and a member of ATMIA’s international board, said. “There’s a growing interconnectedness around the globe, and ATMIA is providing the critical linkage and thought leadership today’s ATM industry requires.”

PAI, one of the largest ATM deployers in North America, has more than 65,000 locations in its Alliance Network. The company offers custom ATM programs and services, market partner distributor programs and referral programs for financial institutions.

“Payment Alliance International is a great industry partner for ATMIA,” Mike Lee, the CEO of ATMIA, which has more than 4,000 members in 60 countries, said. “Their many contributions on multiple fronts have helped the Association expand and influence change globally across the ATM industry. We appreciate their vote of confidence in ATMIA as a global sponsor.”

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