Over 100 community banks join iHELP student loan program

iHELPThe Independent Community Bankers of America and iHELP Private Student Loans announced on Wednesday that over 100 community banks joined the iHELP program during the first half of the year.

Private student loans issued through iHELP allow students to secure funding gaps for college education. Community banks offering iHELP loans are able to provide assistance as a referral partner, participating bank or originating lender.

“Community banks are dedicated to helping their customers reach their financial goals, and for many young customers, this includes investing in the future through higher education,” Dan Clancy, the executive vice president of services at ICBA, said. “The number of community banks working with iHELP Private Student Loans underscores their commitment to supporting the needs of their customers.”

iHELP also provides students with resources on tuition costs, estimated salaries for a number of career paths and access to scholarship information through its College Planning Services portal.

“During the summer months, students and their families finalize their funding plans for the upcoming academic year,” Kevin Moehn, the program executive for iHELP, said. “Working through a trusted community bank as part of the iHELP program gives students and families a compelling option during what can otherwise be a confusing and stressful process.”

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