Obama: U.S. will fall behind global curve without investment in jobs

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

President Obama said last week that if the U.S. fails to make the investments necessary to “make America a magnet for good jobs,” the country will fall behind in the global economy.

“[T]hat’s certainly not going to fix what ails the middle class,” Obama said. “Here’s what will: a strategy that builds on the cornerstones of what it means to be middle class in America, and what it takes to work your way into the middle class. Good jobs that pay good wages. An education that prepares our children and our workers for the global competition they’ll face. Homeownership that’s based on a solid foundation, where buyers and lenders play by the same set of rules. Affordable health care that’s there for you when you get sick. A secure retirement even if you’re not rich. More chances for folks to earn their way into the middle class as long as they’re willing to work for it.”

Obama said he will announce his plans over the next several weeks, adding that “reversing the forces that have conspired against the middle class for decades will require more than short-term thinking.”

I know there are members of both parties who understand what’s at stake, and I’m open to ideas from across the political spectrum, as long as they meet the test of strengthening the prospects of hard-working families,” Obama said. “But repealing Obamacare, gutting critical investments in our future, threatening to default on the bills this country has already racked up, or shutting down the government just because I’m for keeping it open – none of those thing add up to an economic plan. None of that will take this country where it needs to go.”

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