Obama: Lawmakers should focus on cutting wasteful spending, closing tax loopholes

President Obama said over the weekend that in order to advance the economy and create jobs, lawmakers must stop “manufacturing” crises and focus on passing a budget that cuts pork barrel spending and closes tax loopholes.

“We can keep wasteful corporate tax giveaways that working folks don’t get – or we could close those loopholes and use that money to pay for things that actually create jobs,” Obama said. “We can keep harmful cuts to education programs – or we could give more kids a head start, hire more teachers in math and science and help more kids afford a college education. We can keep doling out corporate welfare to big oil companies – or we could keep investing in the renewable energy that creates jobs and lowers our carbon pollution. Priorities. Choices. That’s what this is about.”

Obama said if the correct priorities are not given attention, it could “hinder growth and opportunity for decades and leave our children with something less.”

“That includes the obsession with cutting just for the sake of cutting,” Obama said. “That hasn’t helped our economy grow; it’s held it back. Remember, our deficits are getting smaller – not bigger… So the question isn’t between growth and fiscal responsibility. We need both. The question can’t be how much more we can cut; it’s got to be how many more jobs we can create, how many more kids we can educate, and how much more shared prosperity we can generate.”

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