Obama administration launches tool to help with ACA compliance for employers

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

The Obama administration launched on Thursday, which will provide employers with materials on how the Affordable Care Act may affect their businesses.

The website includes a wizard tool that is tailored to the business’ size and location, allowing business owners to see how to provide coverage options to employees while maintaining their bottom line.

Developed partly as a result of the administration’s ongoing communication with the nation’s top business leaders, the tool will help employers ensure that they have the information necessary to provide employee benefits and to determine how the law will affect them.

“It’s important for small business owners to know the facts about the Affordable Care Act and delivers resources and need-to-know information through one streamlined tool,” Small Business Administrator Karen Mills said. “This Website will prove to be an invaluable resource for small employers to learn how the law is ushering in better options for them and their employees.”

Many of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions have already taken effect, and additional benefits are scheduled to take effect late this year and after. Beginning Oct. 1, individuals will be able to shop for private health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace and Small Business Health Options Program.

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