NRF: Veto of “living wage” bill a “clear defeat” for opponents

national retail federationThe National Retail Federation said on Tuesday that Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s veto of a bill to raise the minimum wage for employees of certain large retailers “marks a clear defeat” for the bill’s opponents.

“Just as important, today marks a clear defeat for the special interest groups that sought to advance a narrow political agenda without regard to the legislation’s impact on current and future D.C. residents,” David French, the senior vice president for government relations at the NRF, said. “No industry, and certainly no company, should be singled out by union organizers. D.C. needs retail as much as retail needs D.C.”

The Large Retailer Accountability Act—dubbed a “living wage” bill—would have forced big retailers like Wal-Mart to raise the minimum wage paid to its workers by 50 percent, which the company said is too much. Other major retailers like Home Depot and Target also opposed the legislation, NPR reports.

“The members of the National Retail Federation, which represents retailers and merchants of every size, thank Mayor Gray for his leadership on this important economic issue,” French said. “We also thank the members of the District Council who have consistently voted for their constituents and against this flawed policy.”

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