NRF launches industry trend website Retail Insight Center

national retail federationThe National Retail Federation announced on Wednesday the launch of its Retail Insight Center, a website resource for retailers seeking to research industry, government, economic and consumer trends.

The website will feature analyses and highlights from NRF’s consumer surveys, retail and employment indicators, government economic indicators and other data sets pertaining to retail firms, purchasing and economic trends.

“Over the years, the National Retail Federation has built a solid reputation as a key source for consumer, industry and government data as it relates to retail, and the Retail Insight Center now lets us package all of that valuable data into one place,” NRF Foundation Executive Director Ellen Davis said. “The Retail Insight Center will offer retailers, the media and consumers instant access to some of the most important trends in retail careers and employment, holiday spending and insights into key economic indicators and influences impacting consumers’ spending plans.”

The website is powered by Prosper Insights and Analytics and allows users to customize charts and graphs to fit their individual needs. Data will be pulled from a number of sources, including the U.S. Census Department, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Commerce and BIGinsight.

“Understanding how outside influences impact retail spending is key to maintaining a successful business in the industry,” Mark Larson, the global head of retail at KPMG, Retail Insight’s sponsor, said. “KPMG is proud to sponsor the Retail Insight Center and provide support to the NRF Foundation in building a tool that will provide this invaluable industry information to current and future business leaders.”

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