NRF expresses support for bill to halt actions of National Labor Relations Board

national retail federationThe National Retail Federation sent a letter on Tuesday to members of the House of  Representatives to express support for the Preventing Greater Uncertainty in Labor-Management Relations Act, which may come to a full vote this week.

The bill—H.R. 1120—is a response to a ruling by a U.S. appeals court that President Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were unconstitutional and void, and the legislation would prohibit the NLRB from further decision-making and prevent it from enforcing any board action or decision made after Obama’s January 2012 recess appointments.

“The resulting confusion and doubt over how to react to NLRB actions will be disruptive to all different kinds of workplaces,” the NRF said. “To make matters more confusing, the NRLB has said that they would move forward with their agenda regardless of the court decision… NRF supports H.R. 1120 because it will create clarity in labor relations and allow some semblance of certainty of how parties are to act. NRF supports a lawful, balanced and functional National Labor Relations Board.”

The NRF, which represents retailers of all sizes and types from the U.S. and more than 45 foreign countries, said it had key voted the bill and would apply the vote towards its voting and election scorecard, which it uses to educate members on legislators’ support for retail concerns.

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