NRF applauds Senate vote to pass Marketplace Fairness Act

national retail federationThe National Retail Federation recently applauded members of the U.S. Senate and their Monday decision to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would require states to collect sales tax from online retailers.

NRF CEO Matthew Shay praised the U.S. Senate for standing by the legislation, “despite a highly-funded misinformation campaign by the legislation’s opposition.”

“This bill and its companion in the House will level the playing field for all retailers – both online and off – while safeguarding states’ rights,” Shay said. “And the bill does it all without raising taxes, new government mandates or adding to the deficit. NRF and our broad cross-section of members will work closely with our bipartisan sponsors in the House, Reps. [Steve] Womack [(R-Ark.)] and [Jackie] Speier [(D-Calif.)], and Chairman [Bob] Goodlatte to ensure that fairness is debated honestly and on its merits. When brought to a vote, we believe the House will pass the bill and it will be signed into law.”

Stephen I. Sadove, the NRF board chairman, said the retail industry is changing and the rules should change with it.

“Retailers compete for customers on many different levels, distribution channels and fronts, including service and selection, but they cannot compete on sales tax. Congress needs to address this sales tax disparity and allow retailers to compete freely and fairly. Retailers of all shapes, sizes and channels deserve a level playing field.”

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