Ninety-six Republicans sign letter decrying Cordray’s appointment

A group of 96 Republicans from the House of Representatives sent a letter on Friday to President Barack Obama objecting to the appointment of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
The letter alleges that Obama used a recess appointment to appoint Cordray when "the Senate was demonstrably not in recess" and that the CFPB is "insulated from congressional oversight." The letter also expressed objection to the appointments of Sharon Black, Terence Flynn and Richard Griffin to the National Labor Relations Board.
"The recess appointments clause of the Constitution is an important aspect of the President's appointment powers designed to maintain the continuous operation of government during periods in which the Senate is not in session and is unable to perform its advice and consent function," the letter said. "These appointments were made at a time in which the Senate was demonstrably not in recess. This unprecedented and blatant attempt to override legislative power erases the advice and consent of the Senate from the appointments clause and imperils the legislative checks on executive power that the founders thought necessary to prevent the emergence of tyranny."
The letter went on to say that the CFPB has the power to affect nearly every aspect of American business. It warned that by keeping the Senate from openly and honestly questioning Cordray, the American people have been denied the last check on a very powerful position.

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