NerdWallet announces picks for non-profit checking accounts

Business checking fees are difficult to avoid, and though non-profit checking accounts maintain a similar fee structure, institutions that offer the service are more likely to waive the fees as well as offer extra benefits.

NerdWallet has announced their picks for non-profit checking accounts based out of credit unions across the country, including Altana Federal Credit Union, Ascentra Credit Union, Bayport Credit Union, Brotherhood Credit Union, Community First Credit Union, Hiway Federal Credit Union, Lutheran Credit Union of America, Michigan Catholic Credit Union, TBA Credit Union and Valley First Credit Union.inflatable shark water slide for sale

The Montana-based Altana Federal Credit Union’s non-profit checking offers a monthly maintenance fee-free account, complete with online banking, e-statements and bill pay. Night deposits are also available, and when a customer opens an account, they are eligible for free account balancing assistance during the first statement period, according to NerdWallet.

Community First Credit Union based in Wisconsin also offers a monthly service fee-free non-profit checking account. A customer may make up to 200 free deposits and 100 free withdrawals every month. The account includes online bill pay, as well as online and telephone banking. The institution further offers night deposits and integrated access to Quicken, QuickBooks and MS Money.

Michigan Catholic Credit Union, which is intended for use by churches, offers a Parish Advantage Checking account that carries no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees. Customers also have access to free online bill pay, e-statements and a $50 credit on the customer’s first check order, NerdWallet reports.

The Minnesota-based Hiway Federal Credit Union offers accounts with no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees, and offers e-statements, free online banking and bill pay.

The California-based Valley First Credit Union offers non-profit accounts with no monthly fees and will waive membership fees at sign-up, according to NerdWallet.

Brotherhood Credit Union, based in Massachusetts, offers a business checking account that comes with free online and telephone banking, unlimited bill pay, unlimited transactions and 50 free checks.

The Michigan-based TBA Credit Union offers free mobile and text banking, free access to more than 30,000 ATMs across the country, e-statements and online banking. For each friend and employee referred to the credit union, the customer receives $50, NerdWallet reports.

Lutheran Credit Union of America, based in California, offers fee-free deposits, no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements. If a customer maintains a monthly minimum balance of $6,000 or more, dividends are earned.

Bayport Credit Union in Virginia offers 150 free transactions and up to $5,000 in free cash deposits each month. The customer can also gain access to the institution’s 24-hour online eBusiness account services and earned dividends on their balance, according to NerdWallet.

The Iowa-based Ascentra Credit Union offers its Simply Non-Profit Checking account, which is free when the customer signs up for e-statements. Customers receive 100 free deposits and 30 free check clearings every month. If the customer maintains an average daily balance of $2,000 or more, they could earn interest on their balance.

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