National average APR falls to 14.75 percent

Along with credit card interest rates falling this week, the national average annual percentage rate on new card offers fell to 14.75 percent, according to a weekly credit card rate report.

The decrease in card offers happened after, which produces the Weekly Credit Card Rate Report, removed Citi’s Shell Platinum MasterCard from its database, reports. The card will not be on the market until September 1, 2011 while Citi and Shell prepare to launch a new Shell MasterCard Rewards program.

The card’s previous APR was 23.99 percent, which significantly raised the national average. The card will be added back to the database with an updated APR after it is reintroduced, reports.

Additionally, USAA changed the top end of the APR offered for the World MasterCard from 23.9 percent to 25.9 percent, which makes it just one of three cards in's database to offer an APR above 25 percent.

The USAA move didn’t affect the national average, reports, since it only use the low ends of ranges in its calculations.

USAA also just launched a new card that features a range starting at 6.90 percent to 23.09 percent APR.

Other credit card issuers are are also offering low rates and new terms. Citi extended its zero percent APR offer for purchases and balance transfers on its Platinum Select MasterCard, while Discover extended the zero percent APR offer period for purchases and balance transfers on its Student More card, reports.

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