NACHA awards nearly 400 professionals with ACH credentials

NACHANACHA—The Electronic Payments Association—presented 377 professionals last week with the Accredited ACH Professional credential, bringing the total number of ACH professionals with the credentials to more than 4,000.

In order to receive the AAP credential, professionals are required to pass a comprehensive exam administered by NACHA that tests knowledge on a variety of subjects, including the ACH network and other payments systems, technical and operational ACH requirements, risk management and payments-related rules.

“The AAP credential is the standard of excellence in ACH payments competency,” NACHA President and CEO Janet O. Estep said. “AAPs are recognized payments industry experts on subjects ranging from the NACHA Operating Rules to sound risk management practices, and as such, are highly regarded by financial regulators and examiners. They play a key role in the individual organizations they serve and the greater industry as a whole, imparting knowledge and supporting practices that help ensure continued confidence in ACH payments and the safety, security and reliability of the ACH Network.”

NACHA and the Regional Payments Associations will honor AAPs on Feb. 11, National AAP Recognition Day—contributions and achievements of AAP accredited professionals are celebrated annually on the second Tuesday in February.

Through their membership in NACHA, Regional Payments Associations are licensed providers of ACH management, education, services and assistance to financial institutions.

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