Minnesota credit unions to host financial education events

Financial EducationThe Minnesota Credit Union Network and the state’s credit unions will host events throughout the month of April, National Literacy Month, to provide financial education to credit union members and their communities.

The state is currently home to five student-run credit unions in four high schools and one K-12 school. Every year, the MCU Foundation provides financial education grants to fund efforts that have a positive impact on members and communities across the state.

“Credit unions have a positive track record in Minnesota communities on financial literacy thanks to persistent efforts to educate and equip people to live in a fiscally-responsible manner,” MnCUN President and CEO Mark D. Cummins said. “Through financial education efforts and other community initiatives, credit unions across the state are widely known as local financial institutions that consumers can trust.”

Minnesota has more than 1.6 million credit union members in more than 400 locations across the state. According to a 2013 survey, 90 percent of the state’s credit unions provide financial services tools and programs to members under 18-years-old.

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