Merchant e-Solutions announces app to help merchants reconcile credit card payments

Credit_CardE-commerce firm Merchant e-Solutions announced last week the SuiteApp, a new reconciliation app to be used with NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Computing Platform that will allow merchants to more easily reconcile credit card payments in one central location.

The addition of the app extends NetSuite’s cloud capabilities, allowing for reconciliation at no extra cost to NetSuite customers using the company’s payment processing services.

The app was developed in response to consumer demand for a seamless credit card payment reconciliation platform.

“We are extremely pleased to satisfy customer requests to make reconciliation simple for NetSuite’s customers,” Merchant e-Solutions President and CEO Paulo Guzzo said.  “This new app demonstrates the power, value and uniqueness of MeS’ end-to-end proprietary platform – with no third party gateways or fees – to enable simple and elegant solutions.”

Because the new app is fully integrated in NetSuite, merchants will not have to log out of the program to reconcile credit card payments and deposits. The app also allows merchants to search for and correct unmatched transactions, a feature that may be beneficial for large-volume clients.

SuiteCloud is a full offering of cloud-based products, tools and services intended to help customers and software developers take advantage of economic benefits associated with cloud systems.

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