Merchant Data Systems offers expanding services to merchants

Merchant Data SystemsMerchant Data Systems is reaching out to certain businesses to offer its expanding credit card processing services to help merchants capture credit card revenue.

While many consumers choose plastic over cash, many smaller retailers like motorcycle dealers opt for cash and check as sole payment options to avoid risk, which could cut into their revenue.

MDS, however, has its own underwriting company, which allows the company to approve a business that could be considered risky to a merchant and offer them a merchant account.

MDS provides mobile credit card processing, as well, allowing Apple and Android smartphone customers to make a purchase with a mobile payment. Some merchants are required to take their business on-the-go, and MDS can provide such businesses with a mobile card reader.

FAST CASH, a cash advance program, is another feature provided by MDS that provides businesses with loans that can be repaid from future credit card transactions. MDS has also partnered with two of the nation’s biggest payroll firms to allow merchants to simply report employee hours.