Merchant Data Systems expands credit card processing services

Merchant Data SystemsMerchant Data Systems recently announced it will provide new and expanded credit card processing capabilities that will allow mobile businesses, such as news dealers running newsstands, to receive payment at an affordable rate.

The online merchant solutions include features designed to help business owners manage their businesses and keep customers satisfied. Credit card terminals are available for point-of-sale applications, and cash advance solutions allow business owners to take out a loan when they need it at an affordable rate.

Many consumers use credit cards when making online purchases, and businesses that do not use merchant processing to accept online payments could lose out on substantial business. MDS’s merchant services are available to help set up businesses to meet both their needs and the needs of consumers.

“Merchant Data Systems understands that not all businesses operate from storefronts,” MDS President Drew Freeman said. “That is why the company has developed some of the most compelling and efficient mobile processing services available today.”

Businesses with websites can utilize MDS’ shopping cart feature to set up an online store and its invoicing solutions to keep track of customer orders. The features come standard for most clients and can be integrated into a point-of-sale terminal, which allows a stand-alone company to operate nearly anywhere.

Merchants can also use MDS’ mobile options to complete credit card transactions on-the-go, which can result in significant savings for the merchant and, subsequently, an increase in profitability.