MasterCard’s Vosburg: Merchant relationships to help advance consumer conveniences

Craig Vosburg

Craig Vosburg

MasterCard plans to continue its focus on core acceptance and adding new capabilities in 2013, citing its relationships with merchants as a continued, important focus of its business.

Craig Vosburg, the group executive for U.S. market development at MasterCard, said that the company had added resources and capabilities to aid merchants in driving sales. MasterCard will also provide marketing programs to increase customer engagement. Cost savings tools, including fraud tools, will also be implemented.

“We’ve made investments to stack people with strong industry understanding and experience against specific verticals,” Vosburg said. “By managing these relationships in a more collaborative manner powered by insights and metrics, we believe we can help retailers drive the top line growth they’re looking for by increasing sales, driving volume and realizing efficiencies.”

Another focus for MasterCard will be opening new lines of acceptance.

“In parallel with the advances in technology and broad scale reliance on mobile phones and other devices for daily activities, we’ve worked to expand the reach of our network by engaging with smaller retailers, as well as merchants in new industries, like education and healthcare, where the use of cards is less prevalent, while continuing to add new merchants in established categories like retail and restaurants,” Vosburg said.

The convergence of the digital and physical worlds has begun to radically alter the day-to-day shopping experience – merchants will look to deliver a consistent presence across channels rather than looking at physical, brick and mortar as being distinct from eCommerce sites. The MasterCard network – and advancements like digital wallets – will provide consumers greater convenience in their shopping and payment activities.

“Electronic payments will continue to be an integral part of facilitating commerce between merchants and consumers, both domestically and across borders,” Vosburg said. “Just think of the industries that have been created and thrive today because of electronic payments – online music sites, online video rentals, travel websites and eCommerce retailers.  Electronic forms of payment has revolutionized and transformed the way consumers purchase flights and hotels and book their vacations. And, we’ve only begun to realize the potential for merchants and consumers.”

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