MasterCard site outage not caused by hackers

MasterCard Inc.’s website suffered an outage on Tuesday due to a problem caused by their internet provider and not, as was feared, from hackers.

MasterCard said that consumer data was not stolen and that the disruption was not the result of the type of “denial-of-service” attacks that forced MasterCard’s site offline in December after it blocked payments to WikiLeaks, the Washington Post reports.

On Tuesday, a Twitter account named Ibom Hacktivist, who claims to be associated with the group who took down MasterCard’s website in December, posted a tweet claiming to be behind the site’s outage.

MasterCard spokeswoman Jennifer Stalzer disputed the alleged hack.

“MasterCard’s corporate, public-facing website experienced intermittent service disruption, due to a telecommunications/Internet service provider outage that impacted multiple users,” Stalzer said in an email to Reuters.

Reuters reported that Stalzer would not identify the provider or the other companies affected or provide other details.

Stalzer declined to comment on the Twitter chatter.

Hacking groups have become more active recently and have performed a series of high-profile attacks, meant as political protests or, in some cases, simply to attract attention, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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