MasterCard contributes $4 million to cancer research

220px-MasterCard_Logo.svgMasterCard announced on Monday that it reached its fundraising goal of $4 million for Stand Up to Cancer through its Dig in and Do Good campaign.

Launched at the MLB All-Star Game in July, the program had MasterCard make a one cent donation to SU2C when cardholders spent $10 or more for a meal using their cards.

“We’re proving that every penny counts in the fight against cancer, and thanks to our generous cardholders, we’ve raised more than $16 million to date for this very important cause,” Craig Vosburg, a group executive of U.S. market development at MasterCard, said. “Dig In & Do Good is a great example of how we’re working to build programs that help our cardholders, issuers and merchant partners come together to stand up for a cause that is personal for so many of us. It’s a simple program with a significant outcome.”

Over the past three years, MasterCard has contributed more than $16 million to SU2C’s search for the cure.

“With millions of cardholders who are as vast and varied as the card programs we deliver we knew we needed to build a program that is simple to engage in and drives meaningful impact for a cause people are passionate about,” Cheryl Guerin, a group executive for U.S. marketing at MasterCard, said. “We’re now three years in to our engagement with Stand Up To Cancer and every time we wrap an initiative like this we are astonished at the outpouring of support from our cardholders, issuers and restaurant industry partners.”

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