MasterCard appoints Qadadeh as government services head for Middle East, North Africa

220px-MasterCard_Logo.svgMasterCard announced recently that it had appointed Mohammed Qadadeh as the vice president and head of government services and solutions in the Middle East and North Africa.

Qadadeh will lead the company’s expansion of its government business through the use of MasterCard solutions. His key focus will be on government receipts, payroll disbursements, procurement, transit and social grants.

“MasterCard has been supporting governments around the world with electronic payment programs that help save money and improve efficiencies,” Raghu Malhotra, the president of MasterCard’s Middle East and North Africa division, said. “We have launched numerous initiatives with governments in  Middle East and North Africa, including the UAE, Oman and Egypt that have not only streamlined their processes, but have also opened a world of inclusion for those who have previously not had access to traditional financial services.”

Qadadeh, who will be based in Dubai, has held a number of managerial roles at MasterCard over the past 12 years. He most recently served as the regional CTO, a position in which he helped expand MasterCard’s technology across the region.

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