Many users don’t know the benefits of their cards

A new study shows that 55 percent of people do not know what services their credit card provides and, in many cases, people have been paying for services that they already have for free.

MasterCard recently had the Harris Poll organization conduct a survey on adults’ hopes and concerns for summer vacation and the role of credit cards in their plans in order to see how credit cards could be of most help to travelers.

Over 1,000 adults were surveyed, with the results showing that more than half of all consumers surveyed were not aware that their cards came with benefits such as concierge service and lounge access.

Respondents indicated that insurance for trip cancellations was what they wanted most in benefits and services from their credit card company. Insurance for rental cars and insurance for lost or damaged luggage were also listed as priorities for cardholding travelers.

MasterCard will cancel a traveler’s lost or stolen card instantly, will provide a replacement and will work with a cardholder’s bank to get a cash advance if needed, among many other card perks.

Almost all credit cards come with a variety of benefits, from protection against loss or theft of the card to insurance and special travel services.

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