Liberis offers business cash advance to bridge SME funding gap in U.K.

Liberis logoLiberis, a provider of alternative financing for small and medium businesses, announced last week its new identity developed to invigorate the SME finance industry.

As part of an effort to bridge the SME funding gap in the U.K., the company was the first to offer a business cash advance product that provides SMEs with short-term, unsecured financing, which is then repaid at a pre-set percentage of the business’ future sales.

“We are in a critical moment for SMEs in Britain,” Liberis Chairman Adrian Fawcett said. “Our high streets are disappearing, and our local businesses are facing impossible financial conditions. At Liberis, we want to make sure that the tills of Britain keep ticking, and we think the best way to do that is by ensuring those businesses have the right access to finance – something where the payments being made actually go down if business is tough.”

Paul Mildenstein, the CEO of Liberis, echoed Fawcett’s statement, saying the “simplicity and transparency” of the company’s business model is Liberis’ strength.

“In many cases, businesses turn to Liberis to help them cover costs like new equipment and stock, business inventory, repairs or refurbishments to improve their shops or hotels,” Mildenstein said. “We don’t judge how our customers want to spend their money; we just want them to be able to find funding when they need it. And most importantly, we only get paid when they get paid.”

Liberis also plans to launch a nationwide search for Britain’s friendliest business, and the winner will receive a prize of $8,000, as well as a day’s consultancy with a marketing agency.

“The most important thing we offer at Liberis is the personal, friendly connection to our customers, and we wanted to show our recognition and appreciation to business owners across the country who run their businesses the same way,” Mildenstein said. “We know that the people of Britain love their local businesses and we think it’s important that these can be recognized. It could be anything from your local hairdresser going above and beyond to an online start-up providing a personal service.”

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