JPMorgan Chase system glitch double-charged some accounts

A JPMorgan Chase & Co. spokesman said on Tuesday that the bank had corrected a glitch that occurred between Friday and Monday that caused some debit cards to be charged twice for the same purchase.

JPMorgan recently made changes to the bank’s computer program. The changes caused a temporary glitch where purchases were posted to the account as a temporary transaction. After the transaction was processed and the account charged for the purchase amount, however, the temporary purchase amount remained, leading to the double charges, Fox News reports.

Though JPMorgan could not specify how many of its customers were affected, the glitch impacted customer accounts in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.

“We do apologize for the error,” JPMorgan told customers on Twitter, Fox News reports. “We are working to get the charges reversed as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.”

The glitch caused great concern among some consumers, with one JPMorgan Chase customer saying in a Twitter post that, “Chase bank gave me a heart attack. I was declined for a $2 coffee this AM, checked the account…HUNDREDS of $ in duplicated charges,” Fox News reports

In March, JPMorgan reported that its online banking website had encountered technical problems that resulted in difficulty accessing and using the site. The bank corrected the issue on the same day.

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