Jim Moser, the CFTC’s deputy chief economist, leaving the agency

Jim Moser

Jim Moser, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s deputy chief economist, will be leaving the agency this month to join American University as the director of its master’s in finance program.

“I’m looking forward to having an influence on policy coming from a different direction,” Moser, who was charged with Dodd-Frank swaps rule-writing, said, according to Bloomberg. “What I want to do is train people to be more effective at the intersection, if you will, between finance and law.”

Moser said that the intersection can be a bit blurry, as lawyers and finance experts do not always understand one another.

“As it is, the legislation is getting more and more into finance theory and quantitative aspects, and the lawyers don’t understand that and certainly the quantitative people that are financially trained don’t understand the law,” Moser said, Bloomberg reports. “What I’m trying to do is kind of fill that gap.”

Moser is a former research officer at the Chicago Federal Reserve and senior director at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 requires the CFTC to write and craft rules that are supposed to guarantee swaps by clearinghouses and ensure that they are properly traded on exchanges. The CFTC has been one of the fastest Dodd-Frank rule-writing agencies since the law was passed, writing approximately 10.2 rules per month after the first year following the enactment of the law.

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