IRS’ successful cost-cutting measures lead agency to cancel furlough day

IRSThe Internal Revenue Service said on Tuesday that it would postpone the furlough day scheduled at the end of the month as a result of its successful efforts to cut costs.

Beginning early September, the IRS will reevaluate the need for an extra furlough day before the fiscal year ends.

All toll-free services, including the Taxpayer Advocate Service and the agency’s taxpayer assistance centers, will follow their regular schedule.

Help, however, may be limited or unavailable at some locations. Taxpayers can check the website for office hours and services at their location.

Additionally, a number of online tools and resources are available to taxpayers online and over the phone.

So far, the IRS has taken three furlough days as a result of the budget situation. Efforts by IRS employees to cut costs have been successful, leading the agency to cancel the scheduled July 22 furlough.

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