iPhone app replaces users’ credit cards

Square’s Card Case app recently hit the iOS platform, allowing consumers to make purchases at local stores without using a credit card.

The card app works similarly to a Paypal account and allows consumers to place a payment platform on file and take a photo of themselves for security identification purposes, reports.

In two clicks – one consumer click on a merchant table while in the store, then a merchant click on the name tab of the customer to make a purchase – the transaction is completed and a receipt is automatically sent to the email address listed on the account.

The Square application also allows iPhone owners to keep a digital log of receipts for future reference.

With a focus on speedy transactions, Square has removed the need for a signature for any purchase under $25 and has enhanced the app's interface for tipping merchants. Square has also added the ability for merchants to add zero dollar items into the final transactions, which allows them to include additional items to the purchase like extra mustard on a sandwich.

Apple iPhone owners are more inclined to make purchases on a mobile device than other smartphone owners, reports. Forty-five percent of people who own an iPhone would use the smartphone to make a purchase in person compared to an average of 17 percent over all smartphones.

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