Interfax releases solution to cater to travel industry

interfaxInterfax, a fax solutions provider, recently announced the release of a secure, PCI DSS Tier 1-compliant faxing solution designed to meet the needs of the travel industry and ensure the security of data shared between two parties.

The faxing solution allows operators to send thousands of faxes every day at a much faster speed than conventional fax server systems. The new system is also more reliable in terms of security and costs less than most regular faxing solutions, and the program’s interface ensures easy communication between two parties.

Interfax works across the U.S., U.K., Germany, Turkey, Israel, Australia and Japan, and it expects to expand even further with the new fax platform. The new platform accepts documents in all office formats and includes a number of new features such as deferred transmission, document resolution and the ability the send multiple faxes to multiple destinations.

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