i2c to support DBT prepaid card programs

i2ci2c, a cloud payment processing provider based in the Silicon Valley, announced on Monday that it would provide support for a number of new prepaid card programs from DMS Banks & Trust, which serves the offshore financial services industry.

“The i2c platform can be deployed rapidly in any part of the world, thanks to its cloud-based ‘one world, one platform’ architecture and native support for all languages and currencies,” Stephen Diamond, the vice president of i2c’s business advisory group, said. “We were thrilled to complete DBT’s implementation in seven days and look forward to partnering with them to grow their prepaid business worldwide.”

DBT implemented the i2c platform in seven days, and it will allow the company to configure, manage and optimize their global card programs on a single platform. Some plans include the launch of retail-distributed and payroll loyalty card programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“DBT believes strongly in providing consumers with prepaid card products that are convenient, secure and focused on their needs,” DBT CEO Jazeb Jones said. “Our processing relationship with i2c enables us to fulfill these promises while giving us the flexibility to move our prepaid business into new markets quickly.”

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