i2c to provide Edge prepaid card processing for Heartland Payment Systems

i2ci2c, a cloud-based payment processing provider, announced on Monday that it will provide Heartland Payment Systems with prepaid card processing services under the National Restaurant Association’s Edge prepaid card.

“By moving to i2c’s platform, we’ll be able to provide Edge cardholders with new features to help them better manage their money,” David Gilbert, the president of the hospitality group at Heartland Payment Systems, said. ”In addition, we’ll be taking advantage of i2c’s configurability and on-demand reporting capabilities to optimize and grow the program.”

The Edge card allows restaurant employees to deposit paychecks, receive employer-sponsored incentives, earn cash rewards and load funds on a general purpose prepaid card.

“We are excited to partner with Heartland and i2c to provide this benefit to the nation’s more than 13 million restaurant industry employees,” James Balda, the senior vice president of innovation and business development for the National Restaurant Association, said. “Today’s restaurant employees are looking for better ways to manage their finances, and easily and affordably access their cash when and how they want it. i2c’s platform helps us better serve restaurant workers that are not currently served by traditional financial services.”

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