i-Free introduces NFC wallet technology in Russia, CIS

i-freei-Free recently introduced the first full-featured NFC wallet in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, former Soviet subjects.

The wallet, which is embedded in smartphone technology—Philips W336, the HTC One and HTC One SV—and the Trusted Service Manager platform, allows for the remote issue and download of Mobile MasterCard PayPass cards, which will be issued by Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank.

Both the wallet and platform were developed by i-Free to support mobile payment technology. The wallet also offers transportation fare cards for a number of areas in Russia, as well as a geolocation-based coupon service.

While a number of NFC solutions are available in Russia and the CIS, the i-Free solution allows users to download payment and transportation cards the same way they download apps and games.

“The smartphone with NFC wallet support will significantly increase market share in the coming months,” i-Free project leader Pavel Sokolov said. “According to our estimates,  no fewer than one million such phones will appear on the Russian market before the year is out. When we were creating the NFC wallet, we took into account that we were developing an application that people would use every day, so we focused on making the wallet secure and easy to use by anyone. That is why we designed a simple, self-explanatory user interface and embedded many functions so that using the app would be intuitive.”

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