House Judiciary Committee to examine constitutionality of Cordray’s appointment

Barack ObamaThe House Judiciary Committee announced on Monday that the committee will examine the constitutionality of President Obama's recent recess appointments, including that of CFPB Director Richard Cordray.

Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) called President Obama's recess appointments  "unprecedented" and "possibly unconstitutional," adding that they threaten the system of checks and balances.

"It sets a dangerous precedent for future administrations that want to avoid transparency and the constitutional role of the Senate to vote on certain nominations," Smith said.  

President Obama appointed Richard Cordray as the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau earlier this month. He also appointed three members to the National Board of Labor.

The Constitution grants the president the authority to make appointments while the Senate is in recess. Smith contends, however, that the president abused his power by bypassing congressional approval during a period when the lawmakers were not in recess.

"These appointments continue the administration's pattern of manipulating Executive authority to avoid having to secure support from Congress," Smith said. "Pro forma sessions were never meant to be a window for the Administration to appoint whomever it likes to powerful government positions. This power grab threatens the role of Congress and raises serious constitutional questions."

8 Responses to House Judiciary Committee to examine constitutionality of Cordray’s appointment

  1. Let’s see where this leads. If unconstitutional, then so be it. Appointed representatives go. Maybe the President too.

    If this proves to be constitutional, which it probably isn’t, then the Republicans must apologize formally to the President.

    Also, isn’t Lamar Smith the same guy who proposed PIPA and SOPA? And he wants to talk Constitutionality with the President? Irony.

  2. JAMES says:

    Mr. Obama you crooked rule will soon come to an end.

  3. Toni Apodaca says:

    Uphold the Constitution!!!!!!

  4. Rick J. says:

    I support the appointment, Congress had many opportunities to act.

  5. penny meal says:

    Something must be some and we must stand up for elected officials who are willing to challenge these abuses.

  6. Christopher Luna says:

    Congress should refuse to appropriate funds to pay for Richard Cordray’s salary. That would teach the President a lesson.

  7. Patriot X says:

    Ok…They made the government with a checks and balances system for a reason. To ensure things are being done right and that no one branch or person gets to much power. If he is allowed to do this then others will do the same to bypass the system and checks and balance will be a thing of the past and soon the US will be facing communism.

  8. Trucker says:

    Dammit! We just got rid of Cordray in Ohio! and Now he’s in Washington!!