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House approves back pay measure for federal workers

170px-Seal_of_the_United_States_House_of_Representatives.svgThe House of Representatives voted 407-0 on Saturday to approve legislation to ensure that federal workers receive back pay after the conclusion of the government shutdown.

“Federal workers keep the Nation safe and secure and provide vital services that support the economic security of American families,” the Obama administration said in a statement, according to CBS News. “The Administration appreciates that the Congress is acting promptly to move this bipartisan legislation and looks forward to the bill’s swift passage.”

The legislation—H.R. 3223—still requires Senate approval. The Pentagon announced, meanwhile, that the Pay Our Military Act enacted last week would allow it to keep all of its civil employees, approximately 400,000 workers, on the job.

Recent reports indicate that the shutdown could continue until Oct. 17, the last day Congress has to address the federal debt ceiling and avoid a default on national debt. “Non-essential” workers who work at non-defense agencies will remain on furlough, while those at independent agencies will remain unaffected.

The debate over the debt ceiling, however, remains, with Democrats calling for a bill to reopen the government and Republicans demanding concessions from the Obama administration, including budget cuts and the defunding or delay of Obamacare, CBS News reports.

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