Guinta recommended by Republican committee to replace McCotter on HFSC

Frank Guinta

The House Republican Steering Committee recommended on Tuesday that first-term Rep. Frank Guinta (R-N.H.), who serves on two congressional committees, replace former representative Thaddeus McCotter on the House Financial Services Committee.

Guinta currently serves on the Budget, Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts-based Assumption College and a master’s degree in intellectual property from the University of New Hampshire.

The vacancy on the committee was created after McCotter resigned on July 6 following an investigation into his duplicate signatures on petitions submitted to the Michigan Secretary of State. Those signatures were invalidated, leaving McCotter unable to run, as he had not met the minimum number of signatures required to run, Observer & Eccentric reports.

A special election will be held on Sept. 5 to fill McCotter’s vacant seat in Congress, with five Republicans and one Democrat scheduled to run.

Several of the candidates are upset about the cost of the special election.

Robert Dindoffer, the campaign manager for Republican candidate Kerry Bentivolio, said that McCotter is responsible for the $650,000 estimated cost of the special election.

“It’s no one’s fault but Thad McCotter’s, and he ought to pay,” Dindoffer said, according to Observer & Eccentric.