Frank blames gender bias on Warren’s failed appointment

Barney Frank

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) recently blamed the failed appointment of Elizabeth Warren to direct the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on gender bias.

Speaking on the House floor on Wednesday, Frank, who co-authored the financial overhaul law that created the bureau, did not indicate whether he blames the White House for not nominating Warren or Senate Republicans for vowing to block her nomination, reports.

President Obama instead nominated former Ohio attorney general Richard Cordray to direct the CFPB.

Jeff Emerson, a spokesman for Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee, said that Warren could easily have been nominated by the White House over Cordray.

“Mr. Frank obviously ignores the fact that President Obama could nominate whomever he wanted for this position and it is President Obama who chose not to nominate Elizabeth Warren,” Emerson said, reports.

Warren has been acting as a White House adviser and had a major role in setting up the newly created agency. Consumer advocates and Democrats were in full support of her nomination.

Warren has a reputation for being too harsh on the financial industry and raised eyebrows when she grilled Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in 2009 when she chaired the Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee TARP, reports.

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