Forever 21 to accept Interac Flash contactless debit technology in Canada

Interac FlashForever 21 will begin accepting Interac Flash, Canada’s first and only contactless debit technology, at 25 of its stores across Canada, allowing customers to purchase clothing and accessories by holding their Interac debit card in front of a point-of-sale reader.

“We are pleased to accept Interac Flash at our 25 stores across Canada,” Linda Chang, the global marketing director for Forever 21, said. “This innovative payment technology enables us to provide both our customers and store personnel with enhanced speed, security and convenience at the point-of-sale.”

Interac Flash uses EMV technology and chip debit infrastructure, which protects the system from fraud tactics and provides consumers with strong protection and unique security features. Cardholders are protected from unauthorized transactions under Interac’s Zero Liability Policy.

Interac’s cards are already being issued by Scotiabank, the Royal Bank of Canada, TD Canada Trust and a number of credit unions.

“We’re pleased to announce that Forever 21 will join the growing roster of merchants to accept Interac Flash,” said Interac Association and Acxsys Corp. President and CEO Mark O’Connell said. “By making contactless debit transactions using Interac Flash, Forever 21 customers are able to speed through the checkout process at the point-of-sale securely and conveniently.”

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