Fidelity Investments launches resource hubs discussing retirement, bond issues

Fidelity InvestmentsFidelity Investments recently launched two new online resource hubs featuring its Viewpoints articles, which discuss issues related to retirement and the bond market.

“People realize there’s more they can do to prepare for retirement, but they feel much more confident about taking the next step once they have an informed view of the market and the challenges they may face,” John Sweeney, Fidelity’s executive vice president for retirement and investment strategies, said. “Viewpoints provide our customers with actionable points of view from industry leading sources to help them stay focused on their goals.”

Fidelity introduced Viewpoints in 2008 in response to consumer demand for plain-language insights.

“Viewpoints provides timely, relevant analysis of the economy and the markets as well as investing insights from Fidelity experts to help clients make better choices, and achieve better outcomes,” Ann Reilly Dowd, the editor-in-chief of Viewpoints, said. “Our content is refreshed regularly and includes infographics, interactives and video to engage clients no matter how they like to consume information.”

The new sections were created in response to consumer interest regarding how current interest rate and market conditions impact retirement investors.

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