FDIC to use new pre-exam tool for community banks in 2013

Examiners from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. will soon begin using a new tool that allows them to tailor pre-examination information requests based on the characteristics of the institution being examined.

The Electronic Pre-exam Package allows examiners to filter information requests to ensure that irrelevant data is not being collected. The new tool has been piloted in 30 bank exams and is slated to be released in early 2013.

Kristie Elmquist, the FDIC’s Dallas regional director, said that the tool was developed with consideration for community banks. The FDIC has notified committee members, including Matt Williams, the chairman of the American Bankers Association, of the agency’s community bank initiatives.

The FDIC update includes an overview of feedback received by the FDIC at this year’s regional community banker roundtables, as well as details regarding the FDIC’s research on the growth of community banks since 1984.

Community bankers throughout the country expressed concerns related to lower earnings potential, difficulty attracting investors, the unavailability of high-quality loans, rapidly evolving and changing technology needs, and the uncertainty surrounding potential expiration of the Transaction Account Guarantee program.

The FDIC said that it will release a report on its community bank research in December. The study is aimed at developing a new definition of “community bank” based on qualities other than size, including lending, geographic reach and core deposits.

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